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Our Story

The name abcd, jr. enterprises, LLC was deliberately punctuated to invite readers to pronounce it as “abcd, junior” but it is, in fact, an amalgam of the initials of Richard and Joyce Cornell, more of whom you can read about under the heading “In the Beginning.

The LLC functions, as the logo suggests, as a roof over any and all related areas of interest the team might explore as time goes by. The immediate intention for the LLC is displayed by the following:

d/b/a 4 Seasons Productions—Living Innovations

It is anticipated that the endeavors of abcd, jr. will generate video and narrative accounts of its various projects, which will in turn invite distribution on an assortment of media platforms. This d/b/a will document and distribute same.

Other than the launch of the various products themselves, the intended first such project is to be the construction of a house for Richard and Joyce once his inventions are patented and ready for the market. The house will be a laboratory for such products, as well as those of other manufacturers who desire to participate in the furtherance of the accommodation of the physical challenges people may face throughout their lives. In other words, to push the expansion of the Aging in Place market to its rightful place in the pantheon of the residential construction industry, and not merely remain a hollow concept.

d/b/a Millennials4Life

Aging in Place has become a buzz word that, in the opinion of inventor Richard D. Cornell, has lost its impact, its urgency, and its identity. Other than a few ornaments and bells and whistles, not much has changed in this segment of the industry over the past 15-20 years.

Millennials4Life, which is a d/b/a of abcd, jr. enterprises, LLC, was formed to focus on the needs in the home of the physically challenged, either in the present or in the future. The idea for Millennials4Life was chosen because, of all the people now living, Millennials form the hub.

The oldest among us are the great grandparents and grandparents of the Millennials, and the youngest are their children and grandchildren. And while Millennials—just like all people who have at some point been in that general age group—may think that their own physical limitations are decades away, they are right now having to contend with the difficulties currently faced by their immediate forebears. Of course, they always stand the chance of being T-boned by a truck in an intersection, thereby hastening their introduction to the myriad obstacles that come with being confined to a wheelchair, or other physically limiting conveyance. And their progeny will have to face these obstacles with them.

So, the sooner we expand the marketplace, the sooner we multiply the number of units manufactured and sold, and the sooner we reduce the cost at both the wholesale and retail levels, the sooner we elevate the quality of life for all persons in this class. But until we do, “Aging in Place” will remain just a buzz work, limping along as it has for the past two decades. Richard and Joyce intend to change that.

As the above d/b/a suggests, the core of the effort is to innovate solutions to overcome the challenges faced by persons as they age, suffer traumatic injury, or have genetic difficulties to contend with. The operative word here is “core.” One of our slogans is “Designing and engineering solutions that do not exist for problems that do™” Another is “Creating residential solutions for the Speed of Life™”

Throughout this website—and our company—the core of the problem is always going to be what we are trying to identify and, to the extent possible, solve—as simply and elegantly as possible. Part of affording such persons a high quality of life means providing dignity through creating an atmosphere which appears as conventional as possible.

These d/b/as are more fully expounded under the heading “In the Beginning.”

The Brand

d/b/a Umschlagg
d/b/a Umschlagg – Transitional Building Systems

Our Brand is, again, a combination of our ancestral histories and our determination to provide as much protection against the physical challenges of life as we possibly can.

The German word umschlag has various meanings, one of which is a protective envelope in which to safely transport items to their destinations.

Our goal is to invent, engineer, and bring to market those products which will allow the resident to transition through the seasons of life as safely and with as much protection as we can cost effectively devise and implement into residential construction—in all its various forms.